Higher Latitude, episode 2

Higher Latitude is a web-series about snowboarding and splitboarding in the unique northern Norway. Episode 2 of Higher Latitude the sun has returned to the arctic in Northern Norway. This means longer days and bigger lines in cold powder snow.

With support by:
Moonlight Mountain Gear, Sweet Protection, Cilao Outdoor and Filmvektshuset Tvibit

Produced by:
Eirik Verlo, Krister Kopala and Jussi-Oskari Taka

Eirik Verlo, Andreas Strømseth, Krister Kopala, Michael Størdal, Jussi-Oskari Taka

Filmed by:
Eirik Verlo, Krister Kopala, Jussi-Oskari Taka

On locations:
Kvaløya, Lyngen, Tamokdalen, Tromsø (secret spots)

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