Higher Latitude. Intro and episode 1

Higher Latitude. Intro and episode 1

Higher Latitude is a web-series about snowboarding and splitboarding in the unique northern Norway. Episode 1 is about the polar night, where the sun doesn’t rise for two months, making snowboarding a little bit more difficult. Though being dark, the little light that comes each day gives some very beautiful light.


Last year, Krister Furnes Kopala and myself (Eirik Verlo), decided to make a web series about snowboarding in northern Norway. We wanted it to be packed with lots of shredding instead of too much boring talk. We also wanted to show the rest of the world why northern Norway is so unique, so in order to do this we just decided to let the images speak for themselves. The series will consist of three episodes, each episode representing the three different unique seasons we have up here. The first episode features the polar night, which lasts for two months and means we don’t see the sun for that long. This is also our season start. Episode two will be about the cold mid-winter and the return of the sun. This part of the season is really beautiful because of several hours of alpenglow every day. Episode three will be about the spring, which is when the real big lines go down. The days are long in the spring, and it’s even midnight sun by the end of the spring. Snow is usually pretty stable this time of year and the days are long, so that makes for bigger mountains and lines, and even expeditions up to the glaciers of Lyngen.
Snowboarding here is not as easy as, for example, in the alps, because we don’t have any good ski resorts and the days are very short at the beginning of the season. Therefore, we have to splitboard, but this also opens up a lot of opportunities for good, untouched snow and mountains. The mountains up here are very steep but not that high. Even though they are not that high, they are still big because they start at sea level by the fjords. This also makes northern Norway very unique, since it allows you to be in very alpine environments, you can just snowboard down and be by the fjords catching fish or take the boat home.
Eirik Verlo is a rider with a lot of experience riding the mountains up here, and he started snowboarding the big mountains of Lyngen when he was 15 years old in 2007. He also likes documenting splitboarding and snowboarding in these mountains and wants to take his filmmaking up a notch my making this web series.
Krister Furnes Kopala is one of the best park riders in northern Norway and he started splitboarding last year. He immediately took his freestyle skills into backcountry riding, and he will use those skills to progress in the mountains. He also wants to progress with filmmaking, and he is looking forward to making episode two and three.
The weather in northern Norway is really unstable, and even though the sun returned January 21st, we haven’t seen it yet. When the sun pops out we will start making episode two, and we will try our best to capture the most stunning images of snowboarding in northern Norway.”



Higher Latitude – Episode 1 from Eirik Verlo on Vimeo.

Text: Eirik Verlo

Photo: Eirik Verlo /  Andreas Strømseth

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