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Grivel Steel Blade Shovel

Grivel Shovel Review – Steel Blade


The Grivel Steel Blade shovel is a new and revolutionary shovel that doesn’t follow the same path of standard shovels. What you’ll first notice is that it is especially designed to be used without a handle. This isn’t a drawback for the Steel Blade shovel as it has a wider capacity than most of the regular shovels in the market, and it allows you to use it in some specific situations where you don’t have much space to shovel, like in a snow cave. In addition to that, the fact that there’s no need to assembly it makes it very easy to use in panic situations when you can’t waste any second. The stainless steel blade will also make sure that you break any crust or ice layer easily to keep shoveling, and if you need extra length just attach your ice axe to it and keep shoveling.

Keep the shovel in the safety pocket of your backpack or strap it on the back of your backpack to act as a back protection, and also have the shovel ready to be used within a second.
Made in Italy and weighing only 398 grams, the Grivel Steel Blade shovel is a multifunctional shovel for the splitboarder community.



  • We liked its super low weight, only 398 grams, its wider capacity and strength. We also liked that there’s no need of a handle to use it, but if you need it’s as easy as attaching your ice axe to it. Being able to have it attached outside of your pack with the straps and ready to be used is great for emergency situations when you need your rescue equipment right away and you can’t waste any minute.
  • The Made in Italy label is always a sign of quality coming from a mountaineering equipment manufacturer expert like Grivel.


Most of the ice axes in the market will fit into the shovel, however, we found a Faders model that had a different diameter, so make sure your ice axe fits in there.


Being a super light shovel and compatible with the ice axe makes it a very useful product in easy splitboard missions where every gram counts without compromising safety in case of accident.


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