Go big or go home!

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Unique event in the hearth of Pyrenees orgnized by splitboarders for splitboarders

7.3.2015, Vall d´Aran, Pyrenees, Spain

It´s Friday morning and I am picking up my team mates at the Barcelona Airport which lays right next to the beach on Mideterean Sea. In about 3 hours we arrive to the mountain pass where SplitboardMag test is taking place. Ota and Silvia go riding while me, completely inspired and overwhelmed by the beauty and rawness of the Pyrenees mountains, I shoot almost half of the negative meanwhile the late sunlight is iluminating the scenery.

When we arrive to the Vielha village we drop off the equipment and join the riders meeting in hotel Iori. From the very first second it is obvious that this splitboard event is going to be different to any other events I have visited previously. I do not know almost anybody but all the people in the room look like serious mountaineers.

There´s definately no pose, rather chill atmosphere with friendly looks. Then the history and concept of the event, route, meteo, timing and necessary equipment is described by Javi and Nelson, local guides from Vall d´Aran. To my surprise the exact place is kept in secret. When ice axes and crampons are involved I am even more sure that tomorrow it is going to be big. I am stoked! We´re going to bed early. I wake up at 4AM, like a little boy, I can not wait for the morning to come.

Got up at 6AM. The Moon is seting behind the coloured mountaintops which are getting iluminated by first sunlight by the time we arrive to the meeting point. And it´s just the beging of the day.

From there on we drive up the bumby-icy road to the snowmobile base where we park and get ready for the approach.Down in the valley it is still dark and cold. All the scenery of snowmobiles and splitboarders makes me pumped.

The pieceful morning is being broken by the noise of the old style snowmobile comming from the cloud of the white smoke. It´s time to ride.After 20 minutes on rope behind the snowmobile we approach the hillside of the mountain. We cross huge avalanche debris and start skining.

Whole group of 22 men, 2 women and 1 dog is consistent and breaking our way up. The Sun is shining and the views are spectacular. When we get to the ridge it´s time to place the boards on the backpacks, put on the crampons and start to climb towards the summit. We all made it.On top we meet with Julian and Pepé, guardians from refugio Saboredo who brought some local delicacies in order to make our time on the summit even more pleasure.

It makes me wonder how come that this event with almost no promotion brings together so many people with the same passison?It all feels so smooth and natural. We went big. It´s time to go.

The snow is cappuccino-like, the terrain is beautiful.

Ride is a blast!

Photo and text: Míra Kube (GARA ambassador in Spain)
Video: Jiri Hruza (Land of Powder distribution)
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