International Freeride film festival Saint Lary-Soulan

International Freeride film festival Saint Lary-Soulan

This year, Bruno Delaye and his team bring all the ingredients that make the festival’s success: an International Jury, films from the entire world and the overall festival spirit with its unique mix; mountains and films, companies and associations, international and local, professional and public.

The festival’s objectives also stay the same: to show the artistic quality of ski and snowboard films to a growing public and to explore the economic force of this industry. Above all, this event is a real festival presenting a selection of international films in competition. It reacts today’s skiing and snowboarding in the world without forgetting our common heritage.

Free Ride, a steadily growing discipline and an increasing economic field, implies many values that touch a new generation who brings this sports to its best It has a great impact on young people and reaches all kinds of public. Images are crucial in freeriding and its media environmental reading specialized magazines and watching videos is part of freerinding culture.Freeride Film Festival Until the creation of the International free Ride film festival there was no professional recognition for this kind of films. Our aim is to show some of the best and most beautiful creations to make the public discover these films and this sport It is also a tribute to this gen re, which helped developing skiing and snowboarding as well as giving them the image that they have today.

The first breathtaking images of freeride were shown to a large audience in the end of the 70s in the beginning of the 80s with pioneers like Patrick Valen~nt or J.tv1. Boivin. Ever since, the frreeride film industry keeps developing in a world of big productions, brand projects and quality amateur documentary films.




2112 Production Standard Films / Director : Mike Hatchett & Travis Robb / Duration: 46’/ USA
ALASKAMINATAS Production: The North Face / Director : Claudio Vicuña / Duration: 25’/ Chile
ARAN IN EDIT Production: Bumpy Films & Photofloc / Director: Nil Torremocha / Duration: 52’ / Spain
EYE OF THE STORM Production: Garchois Films / Director: Laurent Jamet / Duration: 24′ / France
Production: Quiksilver / Director: Candide Thovex / Duration: 59’ / France
FURTHER Production& Réalisation: Teton Gravity Research / Durée: 80’ / USA
LA TOURNEE DU PATRON Production: Hara Kiri Productions / Director: Manuel Vivion, Bruno Rivoire, JJ Roux / Duration: 34′ / France
ONE STEP BEYOND Production& Direction: Sébastien Montaz-Rosset / Duration: 57′ / Suiza
POUR VOUS SERVIR : Production& Direction: PVS Company / Duration: 50’/ France
SUPERHEROES OF STOKE Production: Matchstick Productions / Director: Steve Winter, Murray Wais, Scott Gaffney/ Duration: 76’ / USA
THE EDUCATION OF STYLE : Production: Inspired Media Concept / Director: Eric Iberg / Duration: 32′ / USA
WHITE NOISE : Production: Timeline Film / Director: Guido Perrini / Duration: 23’/ France
WHITE SILK ROAD : Production: Lightbox Pictures / Director: Richard James / Duration: 50′ / Australia
BIOSKIEUR : Production: BioSkieur / Director: William Cochet & Dagobert Eigelsreiter / Duration: 8’ / Suisse
FREE – riding the perfect line: Production: Studio Bivouac Collective & Freeride World Tour / Director: Matthieu Brulhart / Duration: 13′ / Suiza
SHUKRAN MOROCCO : Production& Réalisation: Sandra Lahnsteiner / Duration: 15′ / Austria
RABBIT ON THE ROOF : Production: KapyturaFilms / Director: Guillaume Lucazeau / Duration: 2’/ Suisse



Bruno Compagnet

Beatrice Coletti, Cecilia Buil, Monica Font, Tatiana Lebedev, Lluc Navarro, Mathieu Schevenels, Vivian Brunchez, Victor De Le Rue

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