Freeride Film Festival, and the 2013 winners are…

Freeride Film Festival, and the 2013 winners are…

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11 feature films, 3 short-films, over 9 hours of screenings, 600+ spectators, the 9th edition of the festival has been a real success!

After debating for over an hour, the jury has finally spoken out:

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Enak Gavaggio, 2013 President of jury
Mission Antarctic touched everyone in the Jury panel. On this 9th edition, we’ve looked for humanity, adventure and emotion in the films, and Mission Antarctic all these boxes are ticked. The film doesn’t actually include that many riding images, but the trip is so intense that everything else was not as relevant. Big ups to Xavier De Le Rue and all the Timeline crew.
We have equally appreciated Mc Conkey. Whether you knew this icon, this action sport pioneer or not, the film moved everyone who had the chance to watch it.
Big ups also for Capsus, the Pyrenean crew, for his excellent short –film, outstanding editing and great soundtrack

Youri Barneoud, Senior – French editor at Onboard

I am thrilled to give this award to Xavier (De Le Rue) and Mathieu (Giraud). I know how much energy they invested on this project . Nobody knew what they could expect from that experience, not even themselves, They came back with an awesome film, full of amazing landscapes, a lesson of life and adventure. Bravo !

We’d like to thank the town of Cauterets and its people for their warm welcome, and all the partners for their support.

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