Flavour of spring powder


What to say? Spring time up in the mountains is the best. Especially when your friends give you a shout, youknow, powder alert. First you do not believe it but then it comes.

It was my father who taught me to ski, pack my backpack, set up a tent and later introduced me to avalanche safety and big mountain riding. When I was all set, he told me: “go and ride with others, go even further, be safe and have that fun”. So I went and rode as much as I could. In czech mountains of Krkonoše and slovakian Tatras. Then I moved to Spain. During my first season in Pyrenees I met so many inspiring people. Amazing riders, great friends. We rode together, had that fun. If you read these lines you probably know what I am talking about. You don´t necassarily have to know the other guys childhood stories nor you have to share first bottle of vodka with him. But once you go to ride the mountain together and you have that fun, you know when you feel safe and inspired, looking forward to next day of riding, then it´s kinda different type of friendship with lot of confidence involved.   Well so my friends gave me a shout that there´s storm coming to hit the Pyrenees in late April. It happened and we were up there. It was only us, friends in the Saboredo cabin, celebrating life in the best way we know, splitboarding. It made me remember my fathers words.

Photo&text: Míra Kube (GARA ambassador) Video: Jirka Hruza (Land of Powder)

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