First Try, splitboarding in BC with Hugo Serra

First Try, splitboarding in BC with Hugo Serra

The movie “First Try” is the story of a splitboard adventure through the mountains of British Columbia. The beauty and purity of nature in Western Canada reminds us how important it is to protect our planet.

French rider Hugo Serra: “Going out in the backcountry is hazardous but it also provides an intense feeling of freedom. In winter time, snow and cold rules the place and life seems to disappear. The mountain inspires respect and splitboarding is the best way to prove our esteem for it.”

”It is an incredible experience to discover a line, a face, a valley or a mountain for the first time. Excitation takes over the tiredness and the privilege to leave an artistic line on the white cover often has to be done from the “First Try””

”This movie is the result of a friendship between two passionated people, thanks you mother nature for having us ! And thank you to all the people who made this movie possible.”
Produced by Iñigo Grasset
Filmed by Iñigo Grasset
Rider: Hugo Serra
Music : Durand Jones – Smile
Location : British Columbia

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