First descent Davide Capozzi, Col du Brouillard – “Voie du 1894”

First descent Davide Capozzi, Col du Brouillard – “Voie du 1894”

The Miage glacier I consider as one of my favorite places to ride. Among friends we call it the “Couloir Park”, because of the amount of couloirs you can find in all aspects and with different steepness. The fact that it is hard to access the Miage means that it is not very popular, although in recent years many skiers have discovered the potential of the place and have started to go there more often.

In 2010 along with Roch Malnuit I found a beautiful and narrow couloir next to Aiguilles Rouges du Brouillard. Every time I went to Miage I checked it, but I never found the right conditions.

Davide Capozzi 00

The first snowfalls of March, which were followed by several cold days, made me think it was the right time to give it a try. Most of my friends were busy with work, however my girlfriend Michelle and our common friend Federico managed to take a day off. So on the 9th of March we reached the bottom of the couloir, and were happy to see it in excellent condition. After 3 hours Michèle and me reached the top.

Davide Capozzi 01

The descent was fantastic, and we could enjoy 1000m meter of vertical drop in dream snow. I’m very happy to have shared this experience with my girlfriend, and couldn’t have asked for any better company.

Davide Capozzi 02

  •  Altitude 3288 m
  • Exp: South-West
  • Length: 1000 m. at 40 ° / 45 °
  • Difficulty: 5.1
  • E: E2

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