Elevation Freeride Film Review

Elevation Freeride Film Review

Elevation backcountry film poster

Elevation is Powderwhore’s new film, a movie only focused on backcountry riding.

It features footage of different people splitboarding, skiing and telemarking with one important thing in common: they all are chasing powder and enjoying the mountains. After watching the video our opinion is that with quite a low budget they have achieved a solid movie, able to fight against the big productions with way more budget than them.

The movie is divided in different episodes, but we will only focuse in the ones related to splitboarding. There’s great footage on the skiing and telemarking ones, but our main concern is splitboarding.

Starting with a stressful intro that reminds us why we splitboard, the real movie kicks off.

If your girlfriend doesn’t snowboard, you shouldn’t watch the Cindi Lou Grant and Zach Grant segment, unless you want to get extremely jealous. They build the cabin of their dreams in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains, where they can start skinning right from the door of their house, or do a morning splitboard mission, come back for lunch, maybe even a nap, and go out again in the afternoon. The Powderwhores managed to picture this beatiful love story without being too cheesy, just the right amount of love and passion for splitboarding combined, showing us that dreams come true.

Holden village, and old mining town, is now a peaceful Luteran retreat in the Cascades range. At least it was until now, but it has revealed as a powder paradise, where Neil Provo and his skiers buddies didn’t stop to ride powder while they were in that magic place. They definetely found themselves there.

Check out Neil Provo’s segment in Holden Village in the following video:


The last segment is our favorite one for sure. A trip to the Tordrillo mountains, Alaska, with The Provo Bros can only mean a great success, and so it was. Neil and Ian camped in AK and rode steep and deep lines confirming that Alaska is the undisputed king of big mountain riding. Using only their splitboards and skis and not using a helicopter was not a problem for them to access the gnarliest terrain of the area, in a true confirmation of Neil Provo as a big mountain rider.

All in all, 56 minutes of powder, backcountry and beautiful landscapes. What else could you ask for? Check out the tour stops to see if you can attend to one of the screenings that are happening right now, otherwise, buy the DVD, get some pop-corn, open a beer, and enjoy.


You can watch the trailer and more information about this here.

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