Voile Revelator BC 14-15



The new Voile Revelator BC is a unique backcountry splitboard packed with new innovations. First, we added a traction pattern to the base for uphill climbing. It doesn’t replace your skins, but shines on long, low angle approaches, ridge crossings, short yoyo turns, and makes your transitions faster when you hit a flat runout. Setup of your stance width and angles just got easier and faster with Voile’s new Channel Puck System. Using the Voile Alignment Guide, loosen the screws and move the pucks right where you want them quickly and easily. Finally the board shape, flex, camber/early rise profile, and lightweight are all designed to maximize your backcountry riding experience. Using a lightweight Paulownia wood core we have reduced weight without compromise in strength and performance. Using carbon glass and adding a slightly longer camber area, the board skins more efficiently and doesn’t wheelie when you are up to speed. Top it off with an early rise nose and tapered tail to make powder riding effortless.

$ 650 | Revelator BC

SIZE TIP (mm) WAIST (mm) TAIL (mm)
159 298 257 286
163 302 261 290
165 305 263 292