Voile Revelator 2018-19



The combination of board’s light weight, shape, profile, flex and camber helps make long uptracks a done deal and downhill rides a dream come true. And when it’s time for the latter, nothing beats our patented system of “Voilé Hooks & Clips” for easy assembly of Revelator’s halves into a single downhill plank.
Thanks to our signature “Voilé Channel Puck System”, adjusting stance width and toe angles is a snap. Using the Voilé Alignment Guide, the screws are loosened and the pucks can then be relocated in virtually any position quickly and without fuss. Many riders will also appreciate how easy the Revelator’s 2.5-degree canted pucks are on their knees. The Revelator’s Paulownia wood core reduces the overall weight of the board without compromising strength and performance. Carbon fiberglass layers and a longish camber area make for very efficient skinning on the way up and increased stability on the way down. And of course, the board’s large, early-rise nose and tapered tail make deep powder riding seem virtually effortless. The Revelator. It’s all business in the backcountry, except for huge intervals of fun.

$ 650 | Voile Revelator

  • POP70%

  • TORSION80%

  • FLEX80%

  • OFF PISTE75%


Size tested: 159cm

The Revelator is one of the most all-terrain splitboards available on the market. At first it feels super light thanks to its paulownia wood core, as well as stiff and responsive thanks to carbon fiber and a traditional camber which is longer than usual. Another feature to consider is the Voilé Channel Puck System, which allows you to precisely fine tune your stance and angles. Regarding its performance, it’s a very solid and stable splitboard, which demands speed and a quick switch from edge to edge. A most versatile board  recommended for riders who charge on any terrain, and therefore demand a stiff and solid board to deal with mixed snow.

SIZE TIP (mm) WAIST (mm) TAIL (mm)
154 292 248 280
159 297 257 286
162 302 261 290
165 305 263 292
169 308 265 294