Venture Odin 13-14



A big mountain quiver of one, the Odin is the result of a close collaboration between legendary rider Johan Olofsson and Venture’s founder and design engineer, Klemens Branner. Dubbed Odin after the Norse god of war and wisdom, this deck is a nod to its creators’ Viking roots and embodies core concepts of Scandinavian design like simplicity of form and function. Tailored to Olofsson’s riding style and preffered terrain, the Odin is the ideal choice for hard charging freeriders who like to pull out all the stops. Moderate sidecut delivers wide arching turns, quadratics bring plenty of grip, and a perfect combination of rocker and stance offset maximize float.

$ 895 | Venture Odin

Venture Zelix

TIP (mm) 297
WAIST (mm) 250
TAIL (mm) 286
TIP (mm) 299
WAIST (mm) 250
TAIL (mm) 288
TIP (mm) 300
WAIST (mm) 250
TAIL (mm) 289
TIP (mm) 312
WAIST (mm) 260
TAIL (mm) 301