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The Ursa is our ideal aggressive freeride board without sacrificing a playful feel. Floatation, stability, and power transmission. Instead of creating a board that is designed so that the tail sinks to keep the nose up the Ursa is designed to create a more balanced float. This improves maneuverability, speed in soft snow, more tail support on drops, and allows the rider to pop off of soft features without the tail sinking as much. While it is not designed to excel at riding switch in powder it manages to do so when needed but rides switch perfectly on firm snow. The Ursa ideally suits riders that like to point and shoot, ride big lines, smash lots of pow, send it, charge any and all conditions, or are looking for a versatile board that is focused on riding powder in one direction.

$ 675 | Trapper Ursa Major

rocker camber rocker
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