Summit Adventure Series 15-16



The Backcountry freerideing and adventure board. Here you have quality splitboard with tested shape and flex range that giveyou the best sensation for free riding.With W rocket profilr and directional shape it is the best choice for the mountain.

The adventure series is available in 4 sizes from 150 up to 162. this board cames with aluminium protection in nose and tail and carbon stringers to give you

499 I Summit Splitboards

Size tested: 162cm
Weigth: 3,66kg

A comfortable, predictable and simple board for all of you who take the first steps on a splitboard. When you’re starting, it is advisable to rely on equipment that makes things easy and gives you a margin for error. It works well in all sorts of uncompromised terrain. A fun and comfy splitboard for pow or corn days, when you’re legs need a break after a long ascent. Medium flex and torsion for a smooth easy riding.

  • POP50%

  • TORSION40%

  • FLEX50%

  • OFF PISTE70%

rocker camber rocker
SIZE TIP (mm) WAIST (mm) TAIL (mm)
150 287 244 281
154 290 248 285
158 293 252 289
162 298 255 294