Stone Topo 2019-20



This board is a good compromise. It was designed for male and female riders. The trend now is to shorten boards but keep the same width, its shape is unique & it carves like a dream.

More than anything here at Stone we love freeriding. Many of our boards are devoted to this practice so we decided to lighten the splitboard while keeping the same rigidity by tweaking the thickness of the woodcore.

Gaining a few hundred grams does not go unnoticed,we can feel a clear difference compared to the old board & it is very appreciable. Conversions will be even easier.

We fall below 3 KG, to be honest, you can feel it on the way up!

399 | Stone Topo

  • POP60%

  • TORSION70%

  • FLEX75%

  • OFF PISTE70%


Size tested: 155cm

The Topo is Stone’s choice for freeriding as well as carving. It’s a real fun board and very comfortable to ride with a very smooth beginning of the turn and transition from edge to edge. The rockered nose offers floatability and the traditional camber gives you the needed grip and stability. New for this 2019-20 a much lighter pawlonia woodcore that really makes a difference. For those riders looking for a do-it-all board without breaking the bank. 

SIZE TIP (mm) WAIST (mm) TAIL (mm)
155 309 257 285