Stone Mini Gun 2019-20



New baby at Stone, this shape clearly shows the willingness to offer more and more freeride boards in the range. Surfing & snowboarding come together, which is why this winter we released new lighter splitboard than last year to allow a better spatula roll & fully enjoy splitboarding both on the way up and down. Generally speaking, what we can blame splitboards for is the heaviness of the skis… this will not be the case with our entire new range.

 449 | Stone Mini Gun

  • POP60%

  • TORSION70%

  • FLEX75%

  • OFF PISTE70%


Size tested: 160cm


The Stone Mini Gun features a directional flex with a softer nose, getting stiffer as we move towards the tail. Torsionally, it feels stiff and solid. It is a board designed for powder days on open faces and for terrain where you can ride fast. The hybrid camber, along with its rockered nose and swallow tail is all you need to keep afloat on the deepest days. At the same time it has a solid and stable behaviour when pressing the edges on mixed and variable conditions.

SIZE TIP (mm) WAIST (mm) TAIL (mm)
155 313 266 297