Splitboard Crampons 16-17



Spark R&D Ibex

  • SIZE N, R, W
  • WEIGHT R 11.02oz/pr (316g)


The Ibex Crampon is 4WD for your splitboard. Crampons mount to Tesla touring brackets and give riders added traction on steep or icy terrain. New for 16/17, we have added a narrow size for a better fit and reduced fatigue when used with narrower boards.

$ 100 | Spark R&D Ibex


Spark R&D Mr. Chomps

  • SIZE R, W
  • WEIGHT 13.04oz/pr (370g)


When the skin track gets icy and steep, drop in your Mr. Chomps – our first class crampon for pin mount bindings. Lean forward to easily position crampons under the touring pin and remove the same way. Pull up on the crampon riser to keep the full depth of teeth in the snow when using your climbing heels. Can be used in free or fixed mode depending on the terrain and snow surface. Comes standard with long centering bars attached for use with Voile touring brackets, and extra shorty bars to switch out for use with our LT bracket.

$ 100 | Spark R&D Mr. Chomps

Spark R&D D Rex

  • SIZE R, W
  • WEIGHT R 13,33oz/pr (378g)


Designed specifically for Dyna-splitters, these crampons slide into Dynafit Speed Radical or Speed Turn 2.0 Toe claw mounts giving the rider better traction and security on steep and icy skintracks. Updated with wider mounting points and double the rivets for increased durability.

$ 100 | Spark R&D D Rex

Voile Crampons for Light Rail

  • WEIGHT 1lb | 450g

This splitboard crampon works only with Voile Light Rail Splitboard Bindings 2012/2013 or later. For steep, icy, and exposed ascents or that frustrating icy skin track, there is the Voile splitboard crampon. Used with Voile splitboard skins, the Voile splitboard crampon can function fixed to your splitboard or mobile for easy walking. The fixed mode is recommended for high exposure and where security in each step is essential. The slot in the back of the crampon fits under the heel pad for the fixed mode. The mobile mode is for more moderate ascents and will increase energy efficiency by decreasing drag of the crampon on each step. A rotating puck holds the crampon to the binding for the mobile mode. The crampon is attached to the board half using a longer Slider Pin (4.875″) made specifically for the crampon. This Slider Pin will work for securing your binding for ride mode. Weight/pr. 1lb./0.45kg, Clearance for fitting crampon to board half: 13.7cm. Includes a nylon storage bag.

$ 110 | Voile Crampons Light Rail

Karakoram Prime Universal Crampon

  • WEIGHT 6.1oz | 173gr (per side)


When the touring gets icy, grab your Karakoram Splitboard Crampons. Their unique design gives you the grip of a fixed ski crampon with the ease of touring of a floating crampon. The front teeth of the crampon are centered on the touring pivot allowing for full front tooth engagement regardless of the riser height. Crampons can be installed on the fly. Compatible with Karakoram Prime Splitboard System Only. Binding Models: Prime Connect, Prime Carbon, Prime SL, Prime Straightline, Prime1, Prime Women’s.

$ 99,99 | Karakoram Prime Universal Crampon


SP Crampons


The SP Crampons are very effective , lightweight and easy to use. They can be attached to the bottom oft the slider track , without getting the boot out from the binding .

99.90 | SP Crampons


Plum Crampons


Ultra-fast, just slide the crampon in the brackets to set it up.

 89 | Plum Crampon