Splitboard Catalog 2013-14



Here we are back again with the first issue of the 2013-14 season. Our yearly catalog features 38 different splitboard manufacturers. The splitboarding world keeps growing, that’s definitely a reality. Brands like Prior, Venture, Voile, Völkl, Jones, Burton, K2 that are already consolidated in the splitboard market keep offering new models, but also new brands like Olive, OZ, Kitten Factory, Sandy Shapes, and more, step up into the splitboarding market offering high quality products. Spark R&D, Karakoram, Voile, SP United, Ranger, Splisticks, K2 and Phantom have been pushing the splitboard bindings development further so now the customer has multiple options when choosing the bindings that fit best their riding style, even if you are riding with hardboots.

Four different climbing skins options to allow you to find the perfect mix between glide and grip, and two brands that are committed to improve the performance of the boots, such an important part of the equipment when you are out there in the backcountry. Deeluxe, introducing the new Summit boot, an excellent splitboard boot made of leather and Fitwell, with an improved version of the Backcountry boot.

We also introduced outerwear and gear in this catalog, as it’s a crucial part of the equipment to be dry, warm and safe in the mountains. Here’s a selection from brands that we trust and will not let you down no matter where you are: Grivel, Adidas eyewear, Norrøna, Patagonia and Outdoor Research.
But our first issue is not only a catalog, it features also different articles to make a more pleasant reading of it. Roman Jagl was finally able to realize his dream of crossing the Alps with his splitboard, Marshal Chupa offers his point of view in the Split-Art section and our most famous section and the one we are the most proud about: Around the world.


    Exploring the untouched at home

    REVELSTOKE, BC An undisputed powder destination.
  • The Dogtooth Range

    A True Backcountry Paradise.
  • Splitboard test 2019-2020

    In March 2019, Tavascan-La Pleta del Prat hosted us once more during the annual spitboard test…
  • Eco splitboard – Zeal Optics

    Zeal Optics is a sunglasses and goggles manufacturer from Colorado, USA. Their committment to preserve the environment is ruled by a simple set of beliefs: Use [...]

    In an endless quest for paradise, every rider tries to find their own Mecca, a place where the snow is deep, dry and permanent.

    A Raw Travel Diary of an Expedition into the Heart of the Karakoram Range
  • Eco Splitboard -Rip Curl-

    The Search Series is Rip Curl’s commitment to a manufacture a high quality and durable product…

    Ty Mills was one of the first splitboard guides to obtain the ACMG certification.
  • Splitboard test 2018-2019

    In March 2018, Tavascan-La Pleta del Prat hosted us once more during the annual spitboard test…
  • TARO TAMAI the snowsurfer

    Taro Tamai, Patagonia ambassador, is not only the most iconic Japanese freerider, he is also the founder of Gemtenstick snowboards and the father of snow surf culture.

    The first week of February I joined 40 Tribes Backcountry for their annual splitboard fest on the Tian-Shan mountains…
  • DARE – In Iceland.

    The two snowboard professionals Aline Bock/GER and Anne-Flore Marxer/SUI are on their way to Iceland…
  • Surfers: we want you back

    We are almost halfway April, which means we are entering prime splitboarding season. Long days, stable snowpack and warmer temperatures call for big missions in the [...]

    ATESMAPS is a web-app that concentrates all the necessary information to optimise the preparation of activities in potential avalanche terrain: ATES terrain classification mapping, condition evaluator [...]
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  • Encuentro Pieles

    Encuentro de Pieles is a women´s splitboard and ski touring gathering in the Andes.

    While most of us are still dreaming of the winter that’s about to arrive, Mike Wigley travels around the world in search of the endless winter.

    Connections Film is a 3-year mountain-based documentary film, that aims to explore the connection we hold with the surroundings in which we explore.