Prior Slaylok 14-15



Taking inspiration from the AMF Split and Shotgun Split, the Slaylok Split utilizes a tighter turning radius, narrower waist and softer, more responsive freestyle flex to allow female riders to have a powerful board but built for their foot size. In other words, you can shred as hard as on a men’s board (no flappy noodles at Prior!), but the board reacts super quickly as its width is custom made to the dimensions of your foot! Its symmetrical shape promises maximum performance riding both regular or switch. Request to press this ride in Twin Rocker, in Micro Camber or in Traditional Camber!

$ 899 | Prior Slaylok

rocker camber rocker
SIZE TIP (mm) WAIST (mm) TAIL (mm)
144 275 230 275
147 278 232 278
150 280 235 280
153 283 238 283
156 286 241 286