Prior Fissile 13-14



The Fissile split has a directional, powder profiled nose that is bigger than anything else in the Prior lineup. It also comes with the shortest radius sidecut that we make. This combination has an early rise tip for enhanced powder float while delivering unparalleled mobility. The Fissile also offers stability at speed, you can step on your front foot and straightline with confidence or shift back and turn on a dime. The shape naturally lends itself to soul riders who love to generate power off even the smallest terrain features. It’s crazy good and is quickly becoming a favourite of powder friends worldwide! It is the perfect solution for soft snow hunters who like to make slashing surf like turns in rolling terrain.

$ 999 | Prior Fissile

Prior splitboards profile

TIP (mm) 305
WAIST (mm) 255
TAIL (mm) 290