Prior BC 14-15



The BC Split is a classic example of a true, all mountain shape that maintains its role in the line as the workhorse of the fleet. Its directional Freeride shape delivers a smooth, stable ride in a variety of different snow conditions and the Hybrid Rocker Profile only adds to its versatility; rocker in the nose and tail for turn initiation and float while maintaining traditional camber underfoot for added stability, rebound and edgehold. With minimal taper, the BC Split provides both power and drive on edge while allowing the playful rider to land or ride switch.

$ 899 | Prior BC

Size tested: 161cm
Weigth: 2,83kg

Another pleasant surprise in this test; riding down on this board was the closest it gets to riding a solid board. Light, solid and responsive, it is not only one of the lightest splitboards in the market -2,83 Kg- but also a very solid board in all kinds of terrain. Despite its not too t floats really well on deep snow, although the rocker is not too fat, its well-balanced shape results in great floatability. You appreciate the reduced weight during the ascent, especially when during long days out on the mountain. Another great job from Whistler.

  • POP90%

  • TORSION90%

  • FLEX90%

  • OFF PISTE80%

rocker camber rocker
SIZE TIP (mm) WAIST (mm) TAIL (mm)
158 290 245 286
161 296 255 292
165 302 260 298
168 302 260 298
172 302 262 299
176 305 262 301