Prior Backcountry 13-14



The Backcountry Splitboard is the original Prior Splitboard model. Season 2013 marks the 14th season that the BC Split has been in the Prior line; the reason for its longevity is simple. Its classic freeride shape makes it a timeless versatile backcountry tool. It has a directional freeride shape that delivers a smooth, fast stable ride in all winter conditions. Its moderately long sidecut provides maximum uphill efficiency and edgehold through varied conditions. Minimal taper promises extra power and drive off the tail to catapult you through turns with extra energy and speed. Since pairing it with the Hybrid Rocker Profile, it now floats in pow better than ever. This board is ideal for directional freeriders looking for confident variable snow performance. From big mountain shredders to progressing backcountry explorers. This is the go to board for splitboard guides making a living in the backcountry.

$ 899 | Prior Backcountry

Prior splitboards profile

TIP (mm) 290
WAIST (mm) 245
TAIL (mm) 286


TIP (mm) 296
WAIST (mm) 255
TAIL (mm) 292


TIP (mm) 302
WAIST (mm) 260
TAIL (mm) 298


TIP (mm) 305
WAIST (mm) 260
TAIL (mm) 301