Pogo Mañana 15-16



The Mañana split is a directional board with classic camber profile for the necessary control. It has long and functionally shaped bent-up nose and tail for great float forward as well as switch. This long-drawn upward bends, also known as Noserocker and the relatively small edge radius enable an agile and playful riding, which you normally know just at substantially shorter boards. With a length of 169cm and a weight of less than 3 kilos the Mañana Split definitely is leight weight. The low weight contributes enormously to riding and skinning pleasure, since any pulses occur effortlessly. Also, you can easily pull your ollies, because in order to let the board pop out more easily it has several laminated Ollie Pop reinforcements. The flex of the board is soft and responsive. Powder and Freestyle doesn`t matter. The Mañana Split can and wants to be used in all terrain and changing conditions.The splitboard version of the Mañana is indeed manufactured by Pogo only on request, but completely tailored to you. Flex, top sheet, inner edge design, stances, special lightweight construction, they offer different choices. Pogo recommends inner edges only in the area of the binding, just where they are needed, so there is no distortion in the Flex or unnecessary weight.

 1149 | Pogo Mañana

SIZE TIP (mm) WAIST (mm) TAIL (mm)
169 304 247 296