Oz Ozsym 2017-18



The OZsym is the world’s first Asymmetric splitboard! Our OZsym splitboard is designed with a deeper and shorter heelside sidecut that digs in on icy or hardback conditions. In addition, we tapered the sidecut to help float in deep pow conditions.  The stance is set back 20cm along with a setback micro cambered base between the bindings. The nose is a large early rise rockered shape for huge float. Every split comes with our Patented SplitLock tech on the inside edge of the splitboard.  Our SplitLock is a beveled sidecut with a shear tab that locks the 2 split skis into place in downhill mode. The Splitlock translates the stresses of snowboarding across your entire snowboard and not just each individual split ski making the board ride like a solid in downhill mode.

$ 899 I Oz Ozsym

  • POP60%

  • TORSION80%

  • FLEX70%

  • OFF PISTE60%


With an asymmetric construction, a short heelside sidecut and SplitLock Technology –a tab located on the inner edge to keep your board together, avoiding it to split when you bend it- the Ozsym is a highly reliable splitboard on hard snow conditions. Thanks to it tri-axial carbon fibre construction, the micro camber displays a highly reactive performance, very quick and efficient. The generous rocker on the nose and tail, along with a set-back stance, help you stay afloat on deep powder days. Certainly, a highly versatile and reliable board for any mission you might take on.

SIZE TIP (mm) WAIST (mm) TAIL (mm)
154 292 258 288
157 300 294 256
162 302 297 261