Stranda Shorty 2019-20



If you are looking for effortless powder turns, the Shorty Backcountry is your splitboard. After several winters of extensive testing we feel totally confident that it will stand many years of abuse.This is a splitboard packed with features such as aluminium tip and tail protectors, a textured polyamid topsheet for scratch resistance and cut outs for fast and secure mounting of your climbing skins. Shorty Backcountry comes with Phantom or Karakoram Ultra Clips. The Tip-Tail-Rocker with low camber gives you perfect buoyancy and balance in powder. The hook-free Diamond Tail makes turning extremely easy in packed snow.

€ 890 I Stranda Shorty


  • POP80%

  • TORSION88%

  • FLEX80%

  • OFF PISTE80%


Size tested: 164cm

The Shorty is one of those boards that one gets adapted to very easily. Directional shape with low camber and rockered nose and tail make the Shorty a fun and easy to carve board.  One of the smoothest and forgiving boards of the test. Note the long nose to get superior floatability on powder days. Even though the Shorty might have been developed for powder riding, it performs very good when carving on hardpack or groomers thanks to its torsional stiffness with its carbon stringers. All in all an all-round board for any kind of terrain when conditions are far from perfect.

SIZE TIP (mm) WAIST (mm) TAIL (mm)
164 313 260 299
169 313 260 300