Never Summer Prospector 13-14



The Prospector Split is all about exploration and it’s here to make its claim. Featuring the mother load of technical features including a new extended transition profile, Carbonium Laminate Technology and a super progressive shape. The new tapered and spaded shape allows the tail to sink while the more defined lower profile tip planes off in the deepest of pow. A slightly stiffer flex and more extensive rubber damping system make this split a real charger with stability at speed on variable surfaces. The new flat zone provides extra grip in the touring mode for climbing and traversing while maintaining the effectiveness of the Rocker and Camber scheme in ride mode.

$ 999,99 | Never Summer Prospector


TIP (mm) 304
WAIST (mm) 248
TAIL (mm) 284


TIP (mm) 318
WAIST (mm) 262
TAIL (mm) 298


TIP (mm) 396
WAIST (mm) 250
TAIL (mm) 286


TIP (mm) 317
WAIST (mm) 262
TAIL (mm) 297