LibTech Skunk Ape HP 14-15



Light, strong, wide. Apes love pow and getting backcountry sweaty. Claiming territory and drinking beer is often top priority. They love to plan trips, go on group excursions or the odd solo mission… be on the lookout for powder drunk cross country conversion kit apes this season.

$ 969.96 | Libtech Skunk Ape HP

Size tested: 169cm
Weigth: 3,42kg

A splitboard for big riders with big feet, looking for floatability on deep powder. We would have liked to test it in a smaller size, to be able to better evaluate the virtues of Skunk Apes’ wide concept. Nevertheless, we were able to appreciate its all-mountain nature, thanks to lib-Tech’s famous C2 BTX, providing stability both on the nose and the tail, and great floatability. Magne-Traction adds extra precision and control when the edge is needed.

  • POP70%

  • TORSION70%

  • FLEX70%

  • OFF PISTE80%

rocker camber rocker camber rocker
157W 305 268 305
161W 305 268 305
165W 307 268 307
169W 310 268 301
170 329 285 329