K2 Ultrasplit 13-14



The new Ultrasplit splitboard comes with a bamboo core called Bambooyah strength and confidence, patented tip and tail skin attachment and unlimited Split Track stance options, this is the new standard all others will be looking up to for the next few years. Designed for use anywhere on the mountain. It allows for effortless turns on hardpack but also provides ample float in softer snow and crud.

$ 699,95 | K2 Ultrasplit

RIDER: Staff
An excellent freeride splitboard. Lively and reactive when turning fast on steeps, pressing on the tail. Very solid on the edge, it carves smoothly and offers a good balance between flex and torsion. It allows you to press hard and charge at high speed. The stance setting system is awesome: you can set it up exactly as you want and in no time. In all, it’s a very well finished splitboard; K2 sets the bar high with this one, and the Kwicker system could be a good option for those looking for a complete kit; fast and compact, although the transmission is completely altered by this system.

  • POP70%

  • TORSION80%

  • FLEX70%

  • OFF PISTE80%


k2 ultrasplit profile

SIZE TIP (mm) WAIST (mm) TAIL (mm)
155 284 249 284
158 283 251 283
161 287 253 287