Jones Storm Chaser 16-17



Jeremy Jones only needed one day riding the Storm Chaser solid before he decided to make a Storm Chaser Split. This was a board he wanted to ride all the time – inbounds or backcountry. The Storm Chaser Split is an ultra fast gliding split that packs insane float into a short but still high volume board. The ultra-wide waist width maximizes the float of the shortened running length and the Surf Rocker profile pops the nose even further out of the snow when you step on the gas. Turn your tightest tree runs into a GS course on this nimble stick on even the deepest days. The Storm Chaser Split features our new Boltless Bridge which eliminates base hardware and Karakoram Ultra Clips for improved connection between board halves.

$ 599 | Jones Storm Chaser

SIZE TIP (mm) WAIST (mm) TAIL (mm)
147 321 275 301