Jones Solution 15-16



The Solution splitboard is widely known for it’s unrivaled performance on any terrain. For 2016 we’ve added another jewel to the Solution’s humble crown as this best-selling backcountry chariot is now one of the most eco-friendly splitboards in the world thanks to a new ECO-plastic topsheet. The ECO-plastic topsheet is made from Castor beans and is designed to be lighter, more durable and scratch resistant. The ECO-plastic is also snow repellent which means you’ll have less snow sticking to your skis on the slog uphill. The Solution is the identical split twin to the Flagship and likewise features a floaty Blunt Nose and the crud busting Directional Rocker profile. Inner and outer edge mellow Magne-Traction locks in your edges while skinning or shredding and the ULTRA core plus Carbon Split Stringers bring the board to life adding playful snap and pop. NEW for 2016, the Solution is available in three new wide sizes – 159w, 165w and 169w.

$ 879 | Jones Solution

rocker camber rocker
SIZE TIP (mm) WAIST (mm) TAIL (mm)
154 287 244 285
158 290 247 288
159W 303 261 301
161 292 250 290
162W 301 261 300
164 296 254 294
165W 307 264 306
166 300 256 299
169W 311 268 309

Jones Solution Splitboard