Jones Hovercraft Split 13-14



Blower, crud or crust are no match for the trim and explosive Hovercraft as it floats through it all without sacrificing maneuverability. The blunt nose and directional rocker of the Hovercraft keep you partying in the pow, while the stiff tail and Mellow Magne-Traction lock in stability when the fresh tracks are gone. For catchfree slashing, the base along the tail edges is beveled up for more playful control.

$ 749 | Jones Hovercraft Split

RIDER: Javi Barro
This splitboard is designed for powder or spring snow touring, when you hardly lean on your edges. It’s a very fun board in this type of conditions: agile, light, with a fast base and an excellent look. Some edge control is missing on hard pack or steep terrain, where you need to press on your edges; to put it somehow there’s a whole world of fun between one edge and the other.

RIDER: Elena González de Murillo
Despite being too long for me (the inserts are quite setback), it has a marked personality, good torsion, excellent floatability, and it also behaves quite well on harpack and groomed snow. I guess it’s a very specific splitboard, ideal for short turns on steep terrain, couloirs, technical tree runs…I love its concept and look.

RIDER: David Pujol
This seems to be the jewel that everyone in the splitboarding scene was waiting for… It is true that it’s a handsome board: wood and an innovating design. But to tell you the truth, I found it is a very specific board, for a certain terrain and type of snow. Therefore it’s lack of versatility and high price will make it hard to see on the mountain. Its squared tail is totally setback, good for deep powder and narrow passes, tree lines or shoots. I didn’t like it split either; it felt unbalanced to skin and lift the ski. It felt lively but slightly unstable at high speed.

  • POP56%

  • TORSION56%

  • FLEX63%

  • OFF PISTE80%


Jones splitboards shapes

SIZE TIP (mm) WAIST (mm) TAIL (mm)
152 300 256 290
156 304 260 293
160 310 264 297