Jones Carbon Solution 14-15



Many of the heaviest lines that go down in the world, go down in the backcountry. The Carbon Solution is built for powerful riders who rip technical backcountry lines and demand a splitboard that offers the same ultra-responsive performance as a top-level solid freeride deck. The carbon topsheet and carbon stringers provide a damp, stiff ride that excels in variable snow conditions. NEW for 2015 we’ve shaved 500 grams from the Carbon Solution using the ULTRA core.

$ 1199 | Jones Carbon Solution

Size tested: 161cm
Weigth: 3,61kg

This is Temple Cummings’ new adventure buddy; its generous rocker and directional shape combined with the DC3 BTX, turn the Beast into a perfect all-mountain splitboard for your missions out there. Camber under the bindings provides all the transmission you need, going both up and down. It feels very responsive and agile board, very comfortable on powder thanks to the rocker in the middle. Hands down one of the most versatile boards available on the market from next fall.

  • POP80%

  • TORSION80%

  • FLEX80%

  • OFF PISTE80%

rocker camber rocker
SIZE TIP (mm) WAIST (mm) TAIL (mm)
158 290 249 288
161 292 252 290
162W 301 262 299
164 296 254 294
168W 304 263 302