Grivel Gear 13-14



Steel Blade Shovel


The shovel is the last tool in the companion rescue range after the avalanche beacon and the probe, but it is the tool allowing us to free our buried partner. This is the reason why it needs to be readily available (without complex maneuvers to assemble the shaft) and effective, therefore able to dig hard and icy snow that we can find while shoveling. That is why the best possible blade is a steel blade. Not a plastic one and not even an aluminium one: cutting knives have steel blades to be effective, not plastic not aluminium ones! The Grivel shovel is a completely new product, designed to cover the needs of rescue and snow digging.

It is ready to use without any assembly, it is natural to hold without any explanation and it is also panic proof in a moment of high emotional stress. It has a wide capacity unlike many models available on the market that are almost flat and turn out to be not effective for digging. It is multi-functional because it also works in “tight” situations, such as the bottom of a hole or the inside of an emergency cave. It is also easy to fix on the outside of a rucksack for immediate use and back protection. It can be used with an ice axe to extend the shaft in alpine environments or in expeditions. And last but not least it is the lightest in the world!

ice axe grivel

Jorasses 2.0 Piolet


One-piece forged Chromolly steel head, hand-polished, with teeth along the entire length of the Neo-Classical pick. The modified reverse-curve inclination means the blade can be swung naturally, providing superb placement in varied types of ice. The blade is reinforced by a “net” that follows the strength lines. The Ergal 7075 light alloy shaft corresponds to CE and UIAA norms. The included Easy Slider is a hand rest that can slide right to the tail end of the shaft when hand support is needed and can also slide right to the top end in walking mode; it supports the hand, protecting it from violent blows against the wall. An elastic sling system avoid losing tool when climbing on rock or ice. Jorasses is a well-balanced ice axe with a very efficient and economic swing. It is solidly built, sturdy enough for professional users; a modern guide’s right hand. Or if you prefer French: “Le vrai piolet du Guide”.

crampons G10 WIDE

G10 Wide Crampons


A light-weight, universal 10 point crampon designed to meet classical demands. This version has a wider toe to easily fit Snowboard and telemark boots, which are generally large. The crampons are fully adjustable by hand, without tools, one size fits all. The G10W crampon is delivered with the Antibott included.

Grivel backpack MAGO

Mago 16 Freeride Backpack


The Grivel Mago 16 Freeride is a super light backpack (346 gr) designed to carry all of your safety gear and skin up as fast as you can. Perfect for those minimalist riders looking to shave off as much weight as possible. Single shoulder strap allowing maximum freedom of movement while splitboarding and a padded back panel for extra comfort. Easy to turn it around your shoulders to access the load. Possibility to carry the splitboard in diagonal when you split it. Concealable pocket for probe and Grivel Steel Blade shovel included.