Gnu Billy Goat 13-14



Temple Cummins spent years discovering increasingly more challenging Billy Goat lines opening his eyes towards the virtually unlimited backcountry possibilities. His Billy Goat Splitboard offers him endless access to uncrowded steeps and pow. Add the peace and tranquility of the forests and mountains, the satisfaction of doing it yourself and the Billy Goat Splits transform into magical vehicles that transport you to the best days of your year and runs of your life. Magne-Traction and Temple’s favorite time tested C2 BTX for extra pow float.

$ 849,95 | GNU Billy Goat

RIDER: Pau Gómez
The moment I strapped in it I thought: “This feels like a boat!” At first sight, it’s the Banana profile that catches your attention, but once riding, you don’t feel it that much. A very easy board for powder in the backcountry -floats really well- which still feels solid and stable carving on groomed snow. A splitboard for riders who like to enjoy their playground without investing too much effort.

  • POP50%

  • TORSION50%

  • FLEX70%

  • OFF PISTE70%


gnu billy goat shape

SIZE TIP (mm) WAIST (mm) TAIL (mm)
159 293 250 293
162 297 253 297