G3 Scapegoat 16-17




Go deep. A powder slaying beast with powder-specific rocker profile and 40 mm of taper in the tail for superior floatation. Its insanely light and responsive full Carbon Stealth Construction is ready for big days. Go as far and deep as you can take it.

$ 849.95 | G3 Scapegoat Carbon

Size tested: 162cm
Weigth: 2,973kg

The Scapegoat is designed for riders in search for gnarly lines, no matter the conditions they will find. A stiff, demanding, super solid board that works perfect on bumpy snow, with an excellent floatability on powder thanks to its generous nose. Perfect for wide turns at high speed, as well as for long routes, considering its low weight. A splitboard to think big.

  • POP50%

  • TORSION40%

  • FLEX40%

  • OFF PISTE75%

camber rocker 14 15
SIZE TIP (mm) WAIST (mm) TAIL (mm)
158 313 260 288
162 313 260 288
166 313 260 288