Furberg The Splitboard 13-14



With the combination of an extra long turning radius, a unique rocker profile and a reverse sidecut in nose and tail, this splitboard is very stable at high speed and yet extremely maneuverable and catch free at lower speed. Furberg snowboards is the first brand to build snowboards with a turning radius that ends a distance outside of the bindings and passes on to a reverse sidecut towards the nose and the tail. The reverse sidecut makes the transition from turning radius to nose and tail very smooth and long.

$ 809 | Furberg The splitboard

furber rocker

TIP (mm) 287
WAIST (mm) 264
TAIL (mm) 277


TIP (mm) 288
WAIST (mm) 268
TAIL (mm) 279


TIP (mm) 290
WAIST (mm) 270
TAIL (mm) 279