Photo: Marc Sixto. Rider: David Pujol. Spot: Saboredo, Pyrenees.

The snow scene is an unstable one. We all know that sooner or later it will snow, but we don’t know when or how. Almost summer-like temperatures in November in most parts of Europe haven’t been of great help in curing our anxiety either. We waste our time looking at forecasts, webcams, trying to figure out where the first snowflakes will be landing.

And then, suddenly, out of nowhere, a solid cold front strikes our mountains violently and colors them in white. It’s almost Friday, you’ve had a hell of a week; not much sleep and loads of work, but you mindfully get your gear ready for the first tour of the season. You arrive in the parking lot at night, the sky is clear and it’s -10ºC. You’re totally worn out but you need to experiment the feeling you’ve been jonesing for way too long. You set up your gear feeling like a beginner once again, and clumsily, you start to skin up.

Then the full moon comes up, lightening it all just like the sun, and everything starts to make sense. It’s a cold night and you’re skinning wearing your down jacket, but you’re smiling broadly.

Just like Winter, the splitboard market is constantly moving. Right before publishing this catalog we heard that a pioneer splitboard brand like Venture will fail to deliver boards to the shops this season, and their future is still a big question mark. We are awful sad to hear that an independent brand is going through hard times, and we can totally relate. At Splitboard Magazine, we’ve had our share of hard times; it’s not easy to survive in this complex scene, that’s why we celebrate with utmost joy the launching of the 2015-16 catalog, which will be our 15th issue.

Here is our 2015-16 catalog, the largest you’ll find out there including all splitboard related gear. Read it, enjoy it and never stop splitboarding.

See you on the mountains.