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Something ephemeral is something short-lived, which takes place momentarily and seems to escape from our hands. Many of the people with whom we share our daily life do not quite understand our obsession for snow. At the end of the day, it is just solid water, and maybe part of its beauty relies on the fact that it is ephemeral.

It’s that time of the year when we go from seeing the mountain as a rock havoc, to seeing it as a white canvas where we can express ourselves with our splitboard. We also know that at some point, sooner or later, rocks will re-emerge.

It’s that time when we most desire living those moments we have longed for. For some, it will be the first day enjoying the mountain with their buddies, for others, scoring that line that can only be attained on rare occasions.

The season has already started for some of you while we write these lines. Others are still praying for that weather front you have been tracking on the forecast to discharge huge loads of powder on your mountains.

From Splitboard Magazine we wish to help you live splitboarding intensely, from the very first moment you put your skins on before opening a new track and aim for the first goal of the day. We are back for the news season and our batteries are fully charged with renewed illusions.

Here is our new 14-15 Catalogue, the most complete splitboarding guide you can find out there: new brands, new stuff and specific gear so you can get out on the mountain surely and safely.

This new issue will give you the chance to meet Joey and James, a huge shot of fresh air, for sure. Determination, motivation and the will to live the dream. Come and join them on their journey to the Mecca, while they traverse the Rockies on their The Powder Pilgrimage.

4 new riders tell us about their most personal splitboarding secrets in our “Around The World” pages. We couldn’t be more thankful for the support we get when we knock at any  door, in every corner of the planet. From here, we can only thank you again for being there when we need you. You are the ones who make this project real, once again.

It’s time to get your gear ready if you haven’t done it yet. Our illusions are all placed on a winter we will be living as if it were our last. New challenges, new adventures and long days on our favourite terrain await us. The mountain invites us to dream, so let’s live it all intensely. Anything ephemeral needs to be lived with passion and stoke in order to remain in our memories forever. Remember, nothing is eternal and nothing disappears, it only transforms into something else.

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