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Hi there!

Welcome to Splitboard magazine, our new project made up of dream seekers and go-getters ready and willing to work relentlessly to bring you the best from the splitboard scene. We want you to be part of the revolution!

Splitboardmag is a new concept in online communication. We don’t have loads of cash but we aim to show that with the little we have and oodles of creativity it’s possible to create a long-term and viable project.

The formula is simple, passion, instinct, drive, patience and creativity woven together in evenly matched portions. Just like in the mountain, this my friends is one of the keys to success.

The magazine is going to leave its mark on more than one of you, it’s impossible to imagine what can be done with this new magazine format. So far, we’ve created a new web that works great with just about any type of mobile device. Each issue will be published in English & Spanish. And that’s just for starters.

We’re kicking off the season with the biggest exclusive splitboard catalog in the world.

Gonzalo Melero, Alexander Hoffmann, Marcin Jaskólka and Yuta Watanabe have also found their place, their own small private paradise where the splitboard enables them to become bigger and better.

John W Keffler brings us on a trip back in time to remember the start of it all, the first “splitfest” that took place in Utah in 2004 and which was surely one of the first splitboard gatherings in the world.

Remember, our home is your home, welcome to Splitboardmag

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