Dupraz D. Tour 13-14



You will finally be able to surf the mountain after breaking trail. This is a perfect variation in lighter and narrower of the well-known D1. Two different sizes: 5’5 (165 cm) and 6 (178 cm) sizes, to fit all of the riders. Even though they are large boards, the short effective edge will make you feel like you are rinding a way smaller board and will allow you to manouver this board very easily even in the narrowest terrain. Due to its shape, it’s the ultimate weapon for the deepest powder seekers. Featuring Quadraxial fiberglass for unmatched torsional resistance for more grip in curves, and carbon reinforcements for improved response while keeping it light, the Dupraz D Tour is proudly handmade in Europe.

799 | Dupraz D.Tour

dupraz d.tour shape

TIP (mm) 296
WAIST (mm) 252
TAIL (mm) 284


TIP (mm) 305
WAIST (mm) 298
TAIL (mm) 293