Cold Smoke Voodoo 13-14



A directional big-mountain slayer, the Voodoo has been deemed by many as an “everyday go-to” and a “do-it-all freestyle mountaineer”, and a few testers have even suggested we “make it in a solid, in-bounds version”. Without sacrificing weight for durability, one of the toughest splitboards on the market is finally available to the public. Designed not only for the riding component, but also for superior uphill climbing and traversing, the Voodoo Splitboard is fast and agile. Ideal flexibility both lengthwise and in the torso make this board tons of fun in any conditions.

$ 850 | Cold Smoke Splitboards

cold smoke shape

TIP (mm) 312
WAIST (mm) 260
TAIL (mm) 291


TIP (mm) 313
WAIST (mm) 260
TAIL (mm) 298