Climbing Skins 14-15



Voile Splitboard Climbing Skins

  • SIZE 152cm
  • WIDTH 130mm
  • WEIGHT 1lbs 110z | 770gr


Voile Splitboard Climbing Skins are specifically made for splitboards. They are cut to fit the right and left splitboard half. Further, Voile Splitboard Skins have a bomber riveted stainless steel tip loop, that can take a ton of abuse while on the climb up. The material is a very hydrophobic nylon. The glue is the most tenacious on the market. It is reliable and proven.
Includes a trim tool, and a nylon storage bag. Available with tail clip too.


Spark R&D Splitboard Skins

  • SIZE S 157-161cm | M 159-175cm | L 172-186cm
  • WIDTH 140mm
  • WEIGHT S 1.46 lbs | 664gr | M .65 lbs | 751gr | L 1.77 lbs | 804gr


Spark R&D splitboard skins are back again! High traction skin material manufactured by G3 is the perfect combination of stick, slide, and grip. Equipped with our patented tailclips and killer GNARgyle print, these babies get you to the top with less effort and more style.


Gecko Splitboard Climbing Skins

  • SIZE 150-170cm
  • WIDTH 140mm
  • WEIGHT Unknown


The revolutionary glueless climbing skin that eliminates virtually all of the hassle and failures of traditional glue-based skins – and at a fraction of the weight! A revolutionary and worldwide patented technology creates suction to both wet and dry skis that performs in a wide range of snow conditions and in extreme temperatures – without the use of any type of glue adhesive whatsoever! Gecko skins only lightly adhere to themselves (no more struggle to separate the skin from itself means no need for time consuming protective shields for storage, or battles in the wind!)


G3 Alpinist Splitboard Climbing Skins

  • SIZE S 145-159cm | M 159-173cm | L 168-182cm
  • WIDTH 140mm
  • WEIGHT S 590gr | M 640gr | L 670gr


Backcountry snowboarders rejoice. G3 has combined two proven technologies. Alpinist tip connectors and Alpinist twin tip tail connectors with a splitboard specific offset to bring an unprecedented level of performance to the splitboard climbing skin category.The toughest glue on the market, good to -30C, non-toxic and solvent free.

burton-G3-high-traction-splitboard -2015

Burton X G3 High Traction

  • SIZE S 148-162cm | M 158-172cm
  • WIDTH 140mm
  • WEIGHT S 690gr | M 748gr


G3 creates backcountry equipment for guides and avalanche professionals who make the mountains their office. Their trusted reputation of work-grade reliability and ingenuity is the reason why we picked G3 to supply our Burton Splitboard Skins. These skins are, hands-down, without question, the best, and better yet, they’re designed to fit your splitboard right out of the box. No more trimming the length, installing tip loops, or modifying skier skins with pop-rivet tail clips.


Jones Climbing Skins

  • SIZE 170cm
  • WIDTH 150mm
  • WEIGHT Unknown


You won’t find a better balance between grip and glide for your splitboard when you tour with the Skins by Jones Snowboards. Made of Mohair fiber and with a water-repellent finish for a great performance, they feature a universal tip clip and its 150mm wide will fit any splitboard in the market, no matter its width.


Climbing Skins Direct Splitboard Skins

  • SIZE 180cm
  • WIDTH 145mm
  • WEIGHT Unknown


Whether you’re headed up Teton Pass for a quick run, or headed out on a 30 day glacier traverse in Antarctica,these skins provide a secure attachment. They are made with the right blend of properties; low bulk and supple enough for packing when frozen, yet not unmanageable in rough conditions. Our specially designed attachments make secure attachments for split boards.
Comes with stretchers for the tails, and rings for the tips.


Contour Splitboard

  • SIZE Designed to fit boards up to 180cm
  • WIDTH Unknown
  • WEIGHT Unknown


Trimmable skins with Velcro® fixation at the tip – thus the skin sticks all the way to the tip which prevents snow from entering between skin and snowboard base
buckle with folding clip at the tail. Veryeasy to mount and detach and extremely lightweight due to its material: 70% mohair / 30% synthetics. A mix that provides very good gliding quality and longevity.

139.90 | Contour Splitboard

montana-skins-splitboard -2015

Montana Split Clamp

  • SIZE All size


The MONTANA splitboard climbing skins are available in four skin qualities, from 100% Mohair to 100% synthetic, and with all attachment options. For skins which fit the splitboard exactly, we recommend the tapered versions from MONTANA.

 Depending on the type of skin| Montana Split Clamp