Chimera Unicorn Chase 13-14



The float of a swallowtail with the agility of short board. An uncompromising powder destroyer. The rockered nose and massive taper will keep you on top of the deepest stuff, while the stiff, hollow tail, short, nimble sidecut, and Chimera’s LongWave profile will keep your eye on the twitching tail of your glittering prize. Chimera recommends stepping down 5cm-10cm from your powder board for increased awesomeness and maximum Unicorn slaughter; you won’t believe how well this little board rides.

$ 895 | Chimera Unicorn Premium

chimera unicorn shape

TIP (mm) 312
WAIST (mm) 253
TAIL (mm) 284


TIP (mm) 314
WAIST (mm) 258
TAIL (mm) 285