AT Splitboard Bindings 16-17




Spark R&D Dyno DH

  • WEIGHT 1.86 lb | 842g
  • SIZE One size


The Dyno DH is our esteemed hardboot specific splitboard binding, made with love for the Dyna-splitters. Use Dynafit toes and adapters for hardboot touring on the way up and then slide your Dyno DH on the pucks for the way down. Fits boots with 255 – 340mm sole length.

$ 250 | Spark R&D Dyno DH


Phantom Alpha Ride

  • WEIGHT S 850g / 1.87lb, M 900g / 1.98lb, L 1000g / 2.20lb
  • SIZE S, M, L


Born in 2012, Phantom Splitboard Bindings are the first splitboard bindings designed around lightweight alpine touring (AT) ski boots. While the term “hardbooting” is often used to describe the setup, Phantoms are designed to flex, ride and feel like traditional snowboard bindings and perform as well in deep pow conditions as they do during the spring snowboard mountaineering season. Phantom’s SplitTech System combines the best tech-style touring equipment with a patented splitboard binding and interface. In tour mode, this equates to greater efficiency, reduced swing weight, confidence when sidehilling and kicking steps, and a more secure method for attaching boot crampons. In ride mode, you can expect a reliable and consistent fit and a powerful connection to the board.

$ 825 | Phantom Alpha Ride


Voile MTN Plate

  • WEIGHT 1lb 5oz | 600g
  • SIZE One size


A certain steep, narrow, hard-to-access couloir has been tempting you for about half a decade. And your skins (even Voilé’s) won’t get you up to where you can drop in. Faced with the prospect of a precarious ascent in soft snowboard boots, you reluctantly pass on your starry-eyed line for another season. Many backcountry riders have seen the movie, and some eventually delve into the world of hard boots to dissolve this dilemma and cut down even more on the weight they drag into the backcountry. For those that do, the Voilé MTN Plate Kit will be their best friend. The kit is compatible with AT boots and most hard-shell climbing boots. When the toe and heel pieces are mounted to a Voilé Slider Track, ingress and egress to the binding is a cakewalk. And stainless steel hardware and ST-801 Super Tough Nylon definitely answer the Voilé mandate for “solid.” Voilé Slider Tracks and Slider Pins not included. (Not included)