Arbor Abacus 13-14



The Abacus Split is a highly versatile backcountry machine built around a reclined version of our System Set of Rocker Technologies to provide the arc-it-in, float-over dominance you expect from a reverse camber design, yet with the right amount of snow contact for real “on-skin” performance. Solid float in powder and surprising behaviour while you climb. A good choice for the rider who wants all in one board. Award winner as Most Versatile splitboard in our annual splitboard test.

$ 699,95 | Arbor Abacus Split

RIDER: Javi Barro
A well balanced jewel. A classical freeride shape for all around riding. It handles high speed really well and is very quick in short turns. It is easy to turn and reacts well at the end of the turns. Responsive: that’s how I define this board. It is lighter than other boards with similar specs; a good looking, well finished board.

RIDER: Elena González de Murillo
This was the splitboard that surprised me the most of all the ones I tested, despite being the longest, not exactly what I’d need, it felt light, lively and easy to handle for a 160 cm machine. It floats well and it feels easy to handle on powder, probably because of the correct torsion and deep sidecut (deeper than most other splitboards in the test). It turns well and carves efficiently thanks to its multiple sidecut, which makes both short and wide turns easy, specially considering its long effective edge. It made the best ollies out of all the boards I tested. A hell of a splitboard! I’d definitely choose it for my quiver in a smaller size.

RIDER: David Pujol
A very comfortable board thanks to its shape. It has an intermediate length, which makes it versatile, a good balance between liveliness and floatability, which I personally like. We liked its wooden look, set back sidecut, which results in good turn finish. I wouldn’t say it’s a big mountain/high speed board, neither a board for heavy riders, but it would suit perfectly a rider who enjoys turning precisely and feeling its lightness under his boots.

RIDER: Staff
A pleasant surprise! A splitboard for riders looking for versatility on the mountain. The first thing that strikes is the lightness; lively and reactive at turning, it performs really well on any kind of terrain thanks to the Grip-Tech technology. The Abacus offers all the benefits of a rocker profile board, as well as the stability you look for when leaning on the edge. Take the best of your riding with you out there and enjoy it.

  • POP73%

  • TORSION76%

  • FLEX76%

  • OFF PISTE76%


Arbor Abacus shape

SIZE TIP (mm) WAIST (mm) TAIL (mm)
156 294 251 294
160 298 253 298