Amplid Morning Split 13-14



Peter Bauer’s Amplid enters the splitboarding market with the Morning Split. The vehicle of choice to access secret powder stashes in search of new and untracked lines. It features S-Rocker combining the tail support of real underfoot camber with the floatation of an early rise nose. One of the lightest splitboards on the market, perfect for long tours.

999 Including custom fit climbing skins | Amplid Morning Split

RIDER: Pau Gómez
At first look, this splitboard doesn’t say much, but once on it, it speaks out loud! It’s a very light board, nevertheless responsive, and it carves perfect big turns. Its setback inserts, allow you to press really well at the end of the turn, offering great stability. It was designed for big mountain riding, high-speed controlled turns. This is the perfect length for an average normal size person; it doesn’t feel long thanks to its shape. A great option for medium difficulty terrain.

RIDER: David Pujol
A solid board! We didn’t expect less from a splitboard designed by Peter Bauer. With its crescent shaped swallow tail and wide sidecut, this board was designed for big mountain riding. It drives solid, and it doesn’t allow many mistakes in narrow lines. It feels comfortable at high speed on mixed snow: it swallows everything on its way. Surprisingly, it becomes a very aggressive board carving on groomed snow: its regressive sidecut enables a good finish of turns.

  • POP55%

  • TORSION55%

  • FLEX60%

  • OFF PISTE85%


arbor morning split shape

SIZE TIP (mm) WAIST (mm) TAIL (mm)
163 307 260 297