Amplid Millisurf 2019-20



The decision to fuse the Surfari’s floaty fish-tail geometry with the Milligram’s weightless construction was easy. Amplid’s highly evolved BBP core and carbon laminates strips so much weight that the Millisurf literally sprints up the skin track like a pedigree greyhound. Then scrawl the perfect bottom turn into a virgin wind lip and make the most of your hard work!

Weaving through pine forests at breakneck speeds, the Millisurf is simply breath-taking. Its tapered shape and negligible swing-weight heighten agility and responsiveness to new, mind-expanding levels. Deep, crusty and chopped-up snow get slaughtered by its unique, spooned nose and spat out by its swallow-like tail.

Amplid’s custom board clips create a solid connection between the two split halves and allow base-side hardware to be hidden, for snag-free riding and maintenance.

€ 1200 I Amplid Milisurf

  • POP80%

  • TORSION88%

  • FLEX80%

  • OFF PISTE80%


Size tested: 161cm

The Amplid Millisurf is the choice for those looking for a great float in deep days. An all-round pow-surf featuring a wide nose and waist, swallow tail and the same construction than its sibling the Milligram. A board that makes it easier to break trail, saving energy thanks to its weight savings, and with an unmatched performance when it comes to riding powder, no matter if it’s tight trees where it’s very fast, or on open spaces searching for speed. Even though it’s designed for powder, it performs very well on mixed conditions too.

SIZE TIP (mm) WAIST (mm) TAIL (mm)
157 308 260 292
161 313 264 297