Amplid Milligram 16-17



Last year the Milligram wiped the floor with its competition. Not only is it the lightest production splitboard in the world, which makes ascents a dream, on the descents its combination of reactive handling, explosive pop and a fluid, soulful flex pattern makes every single meter of vertical climbed, worth the effort.

So how did we get the weight so low? Replacing fiberglass with carbon was the first step, its strength-to- weight ratio is off the chart. The Milligram’s core is a jigsaw of different woods: Lightweight Balsa and Paulownia replace Poplar in low impact areas and Birch takes the brunt of any impact around the bindings. Low viscosity Aero Epoxy allows exact resin dosing; any excess is squeezed-out of the board during pressing, saving valuable grams.

New Tanga Technology is a partial topsheet which prevents unwanted chipping along the sidewalls from touring and Glass Impact Pads under the bindings prevent topsheet damage from the sharp corners of CNC-ed splitboard bindings.

€ 1.100 I Amplid Milligram 


Size tested: 163cm
Weigth: 2,596kg

The Miligram is the splitboard everyone would like to have in their quiver. Light, with perfect flex, torsion and stiffness ratio. It’s agile, fun and easy to ride on all kinds of snow condition and terrain. Moreover, the improved stiffness on the nose, makes it really effective on mixed, complicated snow conditions; a good call from Amplid! A simply perfect All-Mountain splitboard.

  • POP75%

  • TORSION80%

  • FLEX75%

  • OFF PISTE75%

camber rocker 14 15
SIZE TIP (mm) WAIST (mm) TAIL (mm)
158 295 251 291
163 297 253 293
168 304 259 300