Amplid Creamer 16-17



This is your ticket to new zones packed full of untracked lines, new features and stunning landscapes. From the moment the Creamer Split joins your quiver, lunchtimes in the office will never be the same; office gossip will be replaced by scouting for terrain on Google Maps and email chains with your touring buddies!

The Creamer Split has an identical shape to its sibling the Milligram. Its elliptical, floatation-centric nose and set-back camber cavity handle every snow condition you’ll find on the mountain, from blue ice to inch thick crust. When your line choices get more daring and the run-outs faster you’ll be grateful for the Basalt Suspensions Strips which reign-in the vibrations.

On the skinning track the Creamer Split holds its own; weighing just 3.2Kg (@163cm) and with a solid camber underfoot it’s a great climber.

750 I Amplid Creamer

Size tested: 163cm
Weigth: 3,250kg

A splitboard that mostly transmits versatility and versatility. Solid, stable while being progressive, the Creamer is a board which reacts perfectly in all sorts of terrain. With an excellent flex-torsión- stiffness balance, it floats really well on deep snow. Great performance for everything you wish to do.

  • POP90%

  • TORSION50%

  • FLEX70%

  • OFF PISTE70%

amplid creamer 2017
camber rocker 14 15
SIZE TIP (mm) WAIST (mm) TAIL (mm)
158 295 251 291
163 297 253 293
168 304 259 300